Creation of Adam

The image is synonymous with the Renaissance…with the highest achievements of our civilization, art and culture. There in stunning mixes of luminescent hues and earth tones, the tableau portrays the creation of Man.

Sixty Eight feet above the floor,  Michelangelo’s masterpiece – the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, a perfect human form of the reclining Adam reaches his grasp toward the touch of his Creator. However, the wise, aged form of God keeps his extended hand out of Adam’s reach. Separated by no more than a fingertip, man remains forever aspiring to touch, to understand, to know.

In that simple, yet perfectly and beautifully rendered fresco, Michelangelo managed to represent the entirety of the human artistic endeavor – the aspiration toward aesthetic perfection and a desire to include a sense of spirituality and beauty in creative work. While mortals may never achieve that level of perfection, some will forever aspire to it. It is that spirit of combining artistic creativity with a sense of purpose and dedication that led to the creation of Studio Momenti.

The Inspiration for Studio Momenti

Our inspiration came while traveling and working on photography projects in Milan and Rome.
There, overwhelmed by the artistic and divine ambiance that belongs only to the seat of the Renaissance, we were introduced to photographing “matrimo” by an Italian colleague. Thusly inspired, we’ve embraced a fresh passion for photography and weddings.  Motorcycle girl
Weddings are a visual feast brimming with delightful photo opportunities. Fleeting moments of passion, excitement, stage fright, tears, and joy occurring in an emotionally complex atmosphere assures that you never know what to expect. People attend weddings to celebrate, and it’s a given that people lose their inhibitions celebrating. And everyone’s dressed for their part!
It’s akin to a masterful play or opera that will only be performed once.
Our mission is to document the “state of the heart” at your union. And to create an album of art that becomes a treasured record of life’s significant milestone and reflects your unique aesthetic with grace and style. Photography capturing the exuberance and joy of a once in a lifetime experience preserves the memories of the family and friends who have participated in your celebration and are woven into the fabric of your life.
Our passion is producing art that will reinforce your memories and prompt the sharing of your experience with friends and family for decades. Therefore you’ll understand why we’ve christened this enterprise Studio Momenti (Studio of Moments). The studio for the significant moments of one’s life.
In order to document drama, emotion, grace, and elegance, Lisa and I have refined a modus operandi that blends a cinema verite or documentary approach with an emphasis on the stylistic details of your celebration.
This approach highlights the uniqueness of non-traditional ceremonies in unusual settings, as well as the grandeur of traditional celebrations. Typically, our clients are creative professionals who are looking for photographers with a commitment to excellence and the insight to look beyond the obvious and cliché.
We would be honored to document your once in a lifetime celebration.